Leave it better than you found it.  That is generally the rule my mother would tell us when we traveled.  Not possible, I can't make the beds as well as the housekeepers, make the mirrors or windows shine like they do, or clean the toilet after my kids or family.  So, we do not expect you to leave it better than you found it.  Just don't leave it hard to clean up and broken for the next person.

The Practical Information : Checkout time - 10am.  Check-In time 3pm.  Refundable Security Deposit $250.  If you have any special requests, please let us know 72 hours prior to arrival. We also need time to exceed your expectations.

Pets - 2 Pets max and no more than 50 pounds each. When outside the cabin area or on our trails they must be on a leash and under the control of an adult.

Parking - Park on the paver stone area in front of your cabin or in your driveway but not on the street that others use.

Parties / Activities - This is the section that reminds me that I have become my parent s and I’m going to ruin everyone's fun weekend.  The cabins are spaced apart from each other but close enough that they can hear you scream for help, don’t cry wolf or party too loud.

Be respectful of your neighbors and the other renters. No fireworks, shooting guns / firearms or illegal activities. This is a family place, keep it PG-13. No starting fires inside the cabin, the  firepit is outside, the inside of the cabin is made of wood walls, ceiling, floors, doors… you get the idea.

BEARS - Yes, there are bears not as common as deer or turkey but yes, bears. We highly recommend you do not leave food or refuse outside. Trash should be put away in the can with the lids closed. Please clean up the BBQ Grill area after using it.

SMOKING - Smoke ’Em if you Got ’Em, outside not inside and the same applies for vaping, e-cig, and candles. Outside but not inside. The next person may not appreciate the same particular brand or choice of smoke.

When you go out - Please conserve energy and turn down or of the thermostat for the Air Conditioning and as many lights as possible. Of course please don’t leave anything cooking in the kitchen during your absence.

BUGS - You're in the woods, don’t leave windows and doors open. They will fly, crawl, and slither themselves in.  Do not forget whose turf you are on.

OFF LIMIT AREAS - Areas with Signage of The Nature

Conservancy are of limits. The Hotel Parking Lot is currently in the demolition phase and not a safe space to go. The trail area behind the hotel is okay but do not go of the trail to the building or parking lot. Reference the map that shows spaces where you are allowed.

VISITORS/ EXTRA GUESTS - The cabin can accommodate a maximum of 5 people, I would say 4 comfortably and 5 if someone draws the short straw and does not mind a sleeping bag on the

living room floor. The cabins and the outdoor space are for you the tenants that rented the cabin. Not for the friends that choose to stay at the Holiday Inn and get a frozen reheated breakfast. They choose an ordinary hotel, you choose an extraordinary cabin with

a rainfall shower head, two decks, and a firepit. No Extra Guests or Visitors allowed.

No Matter How Nice or Awful the furnishings or site of this cabin may be to you - Appreciate the people that came with you, the time you will have with them, the memories you are about to create and that is what you will take with you and carry for years to come! If not there are plenty of liquor stores down the road, up the road, and around the corner. But seriously, if there is something we could do better or if you wish we had there, let us know. We want to constantly improve while you enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Rule Breaking Consequences fees start at $200 and go up based on damage and disturbance.  Do not break the rules, we do not need the extra money and you do not need the headache of us charging you. Let us all try to live by mothers rule, “Leave it better than you found it.”